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Dallas & Autagua County Disaster

Donate Now

Over the last three years, I Care Alabama has served individuals and families living in urban and rural communities by providing over 25,000,000 pounds of food to their neighborhoods. Since the tornado events hit our neighbors, we have been organizing and training communities on how to prepare for the Long-Term Recovery road to restoration. 


Your gift today will: 


         •        Provide Disaster Case Management Assistance 

         •        Provide Navigators to connect citizens to emergency relief and supplies 

         •        Connect vulnerable families to community-based resources 

         •        Provide furniture and other items needed for resettling families  

         •        Resource the unmet needs tables that manage the gaps in care for families  


Help us provide Chaplain Training, Navigator Training, Case Management Training, Recovery Resources for resettling Selma families, assist vulnerable families in Autauga, Coosa, Dallas, Elmore, and Hale Counties. 

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